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Business Assessments
Most small to mid-market healthcare providers are dedicated professionals whose focus is on delivering quality care to their residents. Their expertise is healthcare, not IT. There is a lot of information available to be captured and used to help manage this care; it's difficult to accomplish, even with the constant flow of new technology available, for seemingly any task one can imagine.

There are a lot of tools. Which ones are right for your business? Who can you trust to understand your business goals, assess your information needs and your IT capabilities, develop a thorough strategy, and manage the required projects to a successful completion? Surely this team will need to understand all facets of your industry, including: sales, billing, finance, operations, and clinical processes. They will also need to possess a solid knowledge of federal and state regulations. In addition to all of these items, this team will also need to understand how to make your systems communicate effectively with your care partners and government agencies. Where could you possibly find a team with this type of experience? Healthcare System Connections!

Wait. Developing and implementing a successful strategy is just the beginning. You will need to identify key metrics for your operation and your IT systems. These indicators will need to be managed. You'll also need to be alert for new technologies and training that can further improve your organization’s efficiency, while improving the experience of your residents and your staff. Healthcare System Connections CIO Services will help you implement an effective information management strategy, and help you continuously improve it as new business needs, new regulations, and new technologies emerge. Give us a call to discuss CIO Services. You take care of your residents; we'll take care of the computers!

IT Strategy Assessment
OK, so you've decided to use IT to help achieve your business goals, but where to start? May we assist you with performing an IT Strategy Assessment that focuses on YOUR business goals? The information system does not function “in a vacuum”. It has to mesh with your customers, your staff, your processes, your physical plant, your budget, and your goals. We'll help you analyze your operation and identify your information needs. We'll look at the market you serve and your competition. We'll look for ways to give you a competitive advantage. We'll identify projects that will improve operational performance and reduce costs. We'll also identify areas for potential revenue enhancement. We will then work with you to prioritize those projects that will provide the greatest return on investment, most quickly.

Technology Assessment
When the business analysis is completed, Healthcare System Connections will help you determine the most appropriate technology for achieving your goals. We'll help you choose the tools that will integrate these technologies with your operation as seamlessly as possible. We'll help you develop a strategy for sustaining these systems and maximizing the business advantages they provide. The Healthcare System Connections team will leverage our 100+ years (HSC has over 100 years) of healthcare business experience to help you achieve your business goals.

Project Management
After the IT Strategy and the Technology have been chosen, it's time to get the projects started. Healthcare System Connections has experienced consultants with the expertise to establish, manage, staff, and support a project. We can bring the methodologies, tools, templates, and processes that will establish the foundation and framework for achieving excellence across multiple projects.

Healthcare System Connections also has seasoned project managers, many of whom are experienced in numerous healthcare vendor applications. Our project managers understand the responsibilities of delivering on project goals and objectives within the constraints of scope, timeframe, and budget. They are experienced at driving toward goals, mitigating risk, and navigating the many pitfalls that can impact a project. Our project managers are especially good at translating the technology to your staff in ways that are understandable. Our team will bring clear communication of project goals and what successful project completion will mean to your business, your staff, and your customers.

Process Improvement
After the project(s) are complete, how will you use the data you are collecting? The idea is to improve performance and to achieve your business goals. You'll need to decide who needs to see this data, where, when, and in what form. The Healthcare System Connections team will use the IT Strategy Assessment to target and prioritize areas for improvement. We will help you maximize the reporting, alerts, and management dashboard functions of your technology to route the data to the right decision makers, in the right format, at the right time.

This data can then be used to analyze processes, detect areas for improvement, and initiate performance improvement projects to create new efficiencies and opportunities for increased efficiency and profitability. Properly performed, these processes just may result in increased customer satisfaction and a better work experience for your staff. The team at Healthcare System Connections will help analyze these needs and implement the tools that continuously help you move closer to achieving your business goals.

Integration / Interoperability
When implementing systems in the healthcare environment, the need for integration and interoperability is inherent. Achieving business efficiencies and regulatory compliance requires secure, efficient electronic data interchange. In an Electronic Health Record (EHR) it is essential that you have a central location for all Assessments, Evaluations, Orders, Notes, Documentation, and Results. You want to be able to see the entire record of a resident's care.

This is a unique challenge for senior care facilities because many of the care providers are not employed within the facilities. Physician, pharmacy, lab, radiology, and rehab services are frequently provided by contracted companies. The data they collect on each resident is part of the EHR and must be stored appropriately. Each of these providers will have their own systems where they record this information. Our team has extensive experience with a wide variety of healthcare data integrations, using industry accepted protocols. We can help get all of the systems, critical to your business, talking to each other for your benefit. Healthcare System Connections has many years of experience with HL7, XML, NCPDP, C-CDA, and other important healthcare data interchange protocols. We can help you manage Transition of Care Data and minimize Hospital Readmissions. Yes, properly shared data can do that, and more.

The Federal government has finalized Interoperability Standards that will regulate the protocols that must be used to share data between all systems used in healthcare. We endorse these standards and are using them in our ongoing integration efforts with providers. We'll put these standards to work for you too.

HIPAA / Data Security
One more thing…All healthcare providers, by definition, have information about the people to whom they provide care. With the emergence of Electronic Health Records, the government developed standards for protecting the privacy and security of this data. The data is known as electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). So, now that you have implemented systems that collect, store, and share ePHI, you have to take measures to insure that it is secure during collection, storage, and transmission. The Healthcare System Connections team will assess your HIPAA compliance program and your data management techniques. We'll help you implement technology, policies, procedures, and training to make sure that your ePHI remains secure and compliant.

Remote Technology Management
Most small to mid-market healthcare providers are dedicated professionals who focus on delivering quality care to their residents. Their expertise is healthcare, not IT. In order to have an effective Electronic Health Record system, the network and equipment used to access it must be solid and sustainable. Unexpected issues that cause down time are not tolerable. But how can healthcare providers with limited funds make sure their IT systems are efficient, secure, and HIPAA compliant, without busting the budget?

Healthcare System Connections Remote Management Services will monitor all of your network devices 24/7/365. We’ll alert you to any technology issues, outdated software, and other potentially disruptive issues. We can also deliver software updates and antivirus/security protection automatically. You’ll even receive monthly network health reports and recommendations. Best of all, you have this protection at an extremely affordable price! Contact us via phone or e-mail. We’ll be happy to explain how Remote Management Services can maximize your network resources.

You take care of your residents; we'll take care of the computers!

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